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We are currently in the process of performing major upgrades to our system, and unfortunately we are unable to take any new orders at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Is this YOU?

Are you finning along over the ocean bottom, warm and relaxed in your new wetsuit? Or are you floating easily in your new BC? Maybe you are packing your scuba gear into your new dive bag for your next scuba diving vacation? Or are you at a scuba barbeque wearing your cool new dive t-shirt? Are you passionate about your scuba diving?

More Dive from Your Scuba Gear?

Extend dive time by upgrading to new scuba gear. New scuba equipment extends bottom time, enhances dive comfort, and is more enjoyable all round. Don't make do with old scuba gear, or faulty scuba equipment, or non existing scuba gear. Have new scuba equipment delivered to you, and save with web discounted prices.

Whats Hot!

Check out what scuba gear others are buying. Visit the scuba equipment store for the top ten selling items. It is always good to know what scuba equipment is being bought by your fellow scuba divers.

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In Experience we Trust

You benefit from our experience in continually running regular off shore dives. The selection of scuba equipment offered to you comes from the experience of what works as our rental scuba gear. (our rental scuba gear experiences tougher usage than most scuba divers private scuba gear) You can have total faith in the scuba gear we are offering you online. All scuba gear sold comes with a full manufactures warranty.

Try a Scuba Vacation

In addition to buying scuba equipment, you can also get a quote on a scuba diving vacation. A dive travel speacialist is able to give you a quote on your next scuba diving vacation, just visit the travel vacation section for more information.

A Reason to Dive

You dive to experience the underwater world. Are you often finding interesting new marine life on each scuba dive? If you are interested in learning more about marine life, then visit our marine gallery index. The marine gallery contains both images and information on marine species. Enjoy the marine gallery, it is updated monthly so you always have new marine species and marine images to browse.

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